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Ako si Frank Banjo Laurel Echavez. Taga Dasma Cavite. 21 years nang nabubuhay sa mundo.
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“Before I met you, I was always considered the strong one, the one who never got hurt; I could do anything and never fall. I felt like I was the epitome of invincibility; of confidence. Now you’ve come along, you’ve broken my heart, and you’ve shaken me from that really strong foundation that I had spent years constructing. I found out more about myself than I ever had before. I found that my foundation wasn’t as strong as I thought it was — I found that love isn’t all it’s cracked up to be — and I found that this time, maybe I won’t be able to get back up quite so easily.”

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Kaya nga “MAKE UP” transformation

Bakit karamihan puro pakyut lang wala naman inaapply na make up sa mukha kahit pinapakitang mag pupolbos lang?

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Ughh sick :(

Ito na naman masama ang pakiramdam.


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Robin Williams decided to go back to neverland where he can forget about deressions, where he can just play and laugh all the time.

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Farewell Genie, Peter Pan. Farewell Robin Williams.

Sometimes the one who love to make others laugh and smile are not always as happy as they appear to be.

You’ll be remembered by this generation for your wonderful treasures you shared with us.

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Sinasaktan niya lang ang babaeng siyang pinapangarap ko

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I want to fall in love with you but you are making it hard


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Tuwing nakikita kita para akong magnesium na iniligay sa hydrochloric acid - natutunaw

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You may say I’m a dreamer because I’m still dreaming of a world without violence. Waiting for the world to change.

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Sana posporo ka na lang, para kunting kiskis lang liliwanag na ang buhay ko

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